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FAMILY ACCOUNT: Create ONE website account on this page for your entire family.  Add all of your family's Summer Readers on the following pages!  This includes kids under 13.  Those 13 and over can sign up for the teen program.

INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT: Create a website account on this page.  Add yourself as a Summer Reader on the next page!

This page is to sign up as a user, but please remember to sign up on the next page as a reader.  This is important to log your books correctly. 

The reason we do this, is for the family account which will have one main user and many readers.  Also, for kids and teens on the next page, please make sure to put the age, grade and school.  Grade and school are drop downs, so start typing.  If you don't see your school, use other, private or homeschool.   If you do not go to school, use "Not in School" for the grade and "None" for the school.